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In-Home Certified Personal Training

Do you have a chronic condition and want to get into shape but are unable to find a trainer that understands and who can work with you? Now you have.

I am Reinn Alexander, an ACE-Certified personal trainer. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was two years of age, so I am very familiar with the physical and emotional challenges involved with keeping fit. My passion is working with clients to possibly reduce their pain as well as increase their range of motion and quality of life. Trust me, stating active and fit can be great fun!

I offer insured, personalized in-home certified training in the Greater Rochester Area. Initial consultation is always free!

Inspirational Discussions

I lead inspirational discussion on such issues as living with a chronic condition, how to face and overcome adversity as well as how to live a healthy lifestyle.  All of these issues actually fit together like puzzle pieces and many members of our community face struggle with such issues on a daily basis.  I have been to countless discussions where the facilitator has not “walked the walk”.  I have been around the proverbial block a time or three or four, which enables me to provide real-life responses and possible solutions.

If you have a group that you believe would benefit from speaking with me, I would be honored to meet with them!

Guest Essayist

I love to share my experiences in order to help people.  If you have a paper publication or Internet-based product that could use a great flavor-filled column with humor, sarcasm and truth, I would hugely enjoy contributing.  Topics such as health and fitness, overcoming adversity as well as living with a chronic condition are among my favorites.  Each topic has many branches.  For example, when one lives with a chronic condition, there can be employment and dating issues as well as tips and hints on post-surgical self-care, to name a few.

Contact me and let’s work together to get the word out!